Pirate Story Time

This week was probably one of my favorite themes of all–PIRATES! I love pirates almost as much as my kids did this week, so it was a good time all around!

I started out with my usual opening song–“If You Want to Hear a Story.” Then, we went through a few pirate jokes; What’s a pirate’s favorite letter? “Aarrr,” of course! What’s a pirate’s favorite store? Taarrrrget! What’s a pirate’s favorite movie? Staaaarrrrr Waaarrrrs! Etc. Then, we sang a song I found at Sturdy for Common Things:

Pirate Song (Sung to “This Old Man”) via Work of Heart

This old pirate, has a hat
Where a skull and crossbones sat.
With an Ar, Ar, Ar, and an Ay Matey!
This old pirate sailed the sea.
This old pirate had a patch
Sailed the sea without a scratch.
With an Ar, Ar, Ar and an Ay Matey!
This old pirate sailed the sea.

Additional Verses:

This old pirate has a hook, uses it to hold a book.
This old pirate has a map, keeps it handy in his lap.
This old pirate has a bird, barely knows a single word.
This old pirate has a ship, travels the world in a single trip.
This old pirate looking for treasure, more than anyone can measure!

After that, we read our first book: Half-Pint Pete the Pirate by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen.

This book was pretty cute. The kids liked that the main characters learned to work together, but I thought it could have been cuter. I ran into a similar issue this week as I did last week. All the pirate books I fell in love with were geared toward an older audience than I have at story time, so I chose the best of what I had available to me. Honestly, I liked our other books more than this one because they engaged the kids more.

Then, I read a poem from Shiver Me Timbers: Pirate Poems and Paintings by Douglas Florian.

When I was young,
I sailed among
Some pirates out at sea.
They were a ruthless, toothless lot,
And nasty as could be.
One day, we swarmed a treasure ship,
And captured all their gold.
Along with rubies, brilliant red,
As much as we could hold;
Green emeralds and malachite;
Blue sapphire jewels and more.
We put them into a chest,
And carried it ashore
To bury deep beneath the sand–
But just whar?
I forgot!

In some story times, I sang “Jolly Roger Had a Parrot” (found on the King County Library System website).

(Sung to the tune of BINGO)
Jolly Roger had a parrot and
Polly was her name-o
And Polly was her name-o.
(Repeat song with *OLLY, etc.)

I didn’t do this song with all my story times because only some classes were old enough to pick up on the repetition.

Then, I did my first draw and tell story. I love draw and tells; they really engage the kids, but you have to introduce them so that the kids know not to yell out what you’re drawing halfway through the story. I found this particular draw and tell in Draw and Tell: Reading-Writing-Listening-Speaking-Viewing-Shaping by Richard Thompson.

 photo f2b531a2-ead1-4064-9c2b-03127a7d810a.jpg

It was a huge hit! Every single group was riveted to the story, and only a few kids yelled out that I was drawing a pirate before we reached the end. I’m doing another draw and tell next week, so I’m really glad this went over so well.

After our draw and tell, we read our second book: Pirates Go to School by Corinne Demas.

This book went over well in all my groups, particularly the “yucky” parts about snack time and cleaning up after the parrots. I think we had quite a few kids that wished they could have a pirate in their class at school!

Then, in my younger classes and my walk-in story time, we did a pirate flannel!
 photo 20150225_093606.jpg
I found this flannel at Loons and Quines @ Librarytime, and it is sung to the tune of “Mary Wore a Red Dress.”

The pirate wore a *blue* patch, a *blue* patch, a *blue patch*,
The pirate wore a *blue* patch all day long.
I handed out the patches to my kids (if the class was small enough for everyone to get one) and had them come up and put the patch on the pirate when I sang about their color. They loved helping with this flannel, and it went really well.

Then, we sang “The Ship on the Sea” (found at Confessions of a Kids’ Librarian):

(Sung to the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus”)
The ship on the sea goes up and down, up and down, up and down
The ship on the sea goes up and down…all day long.
The Pirates on the ship say arr arr arr / arr arr arr / arr arr arr,
The Pirates on the ship say arr arr arr, all day long
The Mateys on the boat say ahoy-ahoy! Ahoy ahoy! Ahoy ahoy!
The Mateys on the boat say ahoy-ahoy! All day long
Me Laddies in the sea say… Shiver Me Timbers!
Shiver Me Timbers! Shiver Me Timbers!
Me Laddies in the sea say… Shiver Me Timbers! All day long!

Then, we read our last book: I Love My Pirate Papa by Laura Leuck.

This was a pretty cute book that the kids enjoyed. As usual, they particularly enjoyed the parts about how uncivilized the pirates are at dinner time, but it did have a lot of words they were unfamiliar with, so we had a quick “pirate lingo” lesson beforehand to cover words like “Avast,” and parts of the ship.

Then, we sang my usual “Goodbye, Goodbye” song, and that was it.

This week’s craft was a pirate hat. I found the idea on Pinterest at the beginning of the semester to use a bear instead of a skull, making them a little more toddler friendly. I also chose to make them from craft foam instead of construction paper or cardstock so they could be worn longer. The kids loved this craft! I would highly recommend it.

 photo 20150225_091227.jpg

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