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The Inevitable Pokemon Go Display

Around the time Pokemon Go was released, we realized our traffic had increased. Soon after I began playing, I realized it was because our branch was a Pokestop. I began brainstorming how to tie this into a program of some sort, but I started with a book display. In addition to what is shown in the pictures, I added a passive program in the form of a foam board attached to the easel display where patrons could write which Pokemon they caught at the library.

Book to Movie Display

One of my most popular book displays was my first display with 3D elements that looked good enough to eat! I chose to highlight books being made into movies in the coming year or being released on DVD soon. I added 3D popcorn and a few other fun elements to liven it up.

Mystery Display

The first display I did at my new branch was quite some time ago. After a bit of a delay, I’m finally showing off my handiwork. I was asked to make a YA mystery display.

Fantastic Books and Where to Find Them

With the approach of the DVD release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, I wanted to do a fantasy display with a catchy phrase, so I chose to tie it all together. Once again, I had to add a few 3D elements with the fire, dragon, and sword in the stone to my display to make it jump off the page.

Teen Romance Display

Before we reopened my branch after renovation and inventory, I decided to change out the YA displays that had been up for a while. I decided with spring upon us, summer romance was on everyone’s mind.

Nonfiction Display

I recently (2/17) made a new nonfiction display for the children’s area. I love adding 3D elements to my displays to make them more visually engaging, so I chose to do a colorful and literary owl with some books that jump off the display.

Where Will Reading Take You?

For my spring display box, I decided to stray from my usual season themed displays (like my “Leaf through a good book” display from the fall) and do a travel theme. I decided to take it two ways and focus on travel books as well as a fantasy escape. So, I started out with the more involved portion which was making signs for each of the fantasy locations on which I wanted to focus (Hogwarts, Whoville, The Emerald City, Treasure Island, Narnia, Neverland, and Wonderland). I just cut out cardstock, painted them, and cut out the letters and any other additions for each themed sign. I wanted to make sure they were all very different and reflected their respective worlds.

 photo b877d14f-4621-4d95-98ae-60c1a053ef69.jpg
 photo bd255151-e8f3-4f69-9b3a-659463d10ab5.jpg photo eaf05574-c512-4a76-bc8a-ed938361ac50.jpg

Then, I started collecting maps to layer for a backdrop, cutting out my other words for the display, and finding a few accents. This is the finished product.

 photo 20150128_180026.jpg
 photo 20150225_094734.jpg
 photo 20150225_094802.jpg
 photo 20150225_094747.jpg

Since I use the display box to advertise my programs, I added pins to Chicago and Scottland for our two upcoming programs and added an arrow that said something like “Travel to Hogwarts at our Harry Potter party on 2/3 at 3:30” or
 photo 20150225_094704.jpg

In addition, at the bottom, I added a little sign for our weekly story times:
 photo 20150225_094825.jpg

So, where will reading take you? Check out a book, and find out!

Banned Books Week Display

Here’s a few pictures from my Banned Books Week display that just went up today.

 photo 98d443e4-9a03-4bfa-b464-c6cc643b9e04.jpg
 photo 20140912_103541.jpg
 photo 20140912_103529.jpg
 photo 20140912_103520.jpg

Fall Display

 photo 4baca8d7-f7a3-4902-ae01-2417ed5d4dec.jpg

 photo 5ba93818-626a-46af-8d93-cc82381109b1.jpg
Here’s my brand new autumn display box. Aren’t I just so punny? I even added a sign at the bottom corner instructing them to “Fall in love with these programs” and a list of young adult programs for the fall semester. I’m pretty proud of how my 3D paper tree turned out.


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