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Family Story Time

This week, we started off with “If You Want to Hear a Story,” our usual opening song. Then, I introduced the theme this week.

After that, we did the “My Family Fingerplay” from KiDiddles.
This is mama, kind and dear (point to thumb).
This is papa, standing near (point to index finger).
This is brother, see how tall (point to middle finger).
This is sister, not so tall (point to ring finger).
This is baby, sweet and small (point to pinky).
These are the family, one and all (wiggle all fingers).

After learning about who is in the family, we sang “Where Is the Family?”
(To the tune of “Where is Thumbkin?”)
Where is papa?
Where is papa?
Here I am.
Here I am.
How are you today, sir?
Very well, I thank you.
Run away.
Run away.
(Repeat with other fingers — mama, brother, sister, the baby, and the family.)

Then, we read our first book: Ninety-Three In My Family by Erica S. Perl

I love this book. The kids loved it too because of how silly it was. It’s kind of long, so I cut out the bit about going out as a family, but it still worked.

Then, we sang “My Special Friend” from The Music and Rhyme Station.
(To the tune of “BINGO”)
I have a very special friend and Mommy is her name-o.
M-O-M-M-Y, M-O-M-M-Y, M-O-M-M-Y,
And Mommy is her name-o!

There was also a flannel I used to illustrate the claps. It just had each letter cut out of flannel as well as a bunch of hands to put over each letter when it isn’t spoken. It’s a good way to keep everyone on the same page, especially with younger children.

Then, it was time for our second book: Daddies Do It Different by Alan Laurence Sitomer

This was a pretty cute book that compared Mommies and Daddies and how they do things like tuck someone into bed, go to the grocery store, make breakfast, etc. It’s pretty cute, and there are a few jokes that the parents will appreciate too.

After that, we had to include our furry family members! So, we sang “How Much Is That Doggie In the Window?”

Our last book was: Just Like My Mom/Dad by Jorge Ramos

This is a nice book to teach us how we’re all alike in our family, and there is a bilingual component that you could use for your story time.

Then, we sang “Skidamarink” and our “Goodbye, Goodbye Song,” and that was it. We did not make a craft this week.


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