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Cowboy Story Time

This week I went a little out of my interest zone and did a cowboy theme. I live in an area where cowboys are big. Everywhere you go, you see cowboy hats, shirts, belt buckles, and boots. So, I figured it would be a hit. I was right. We started out with our usual, “If You Want to Hear a Story” song.

Then, we sang “I’ve Been Riding On the Range” which I found on the CCPL website.

(To the tune of “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad”)
I’ve been riding on the range,
All the livelong day.
I’ve been riding on the range,
Herding doggies on their way.
Can’t you hear the cowboys shouting,
Can’t you hear the cowboys shouting,
“Doggies move this way!”

Then, we read our first book Are You a Horse by Andy Rash

This was absolutely adorable and, to be honest, this was the book that convinced me to do this particular theme even though I don’t really like cowboys myself. The kids loved it!

Then, in some of my groups, we sang “BINGO,” but he was obviously a horse instead of a dog.

Then, we read our second book–Let’s Sing a Lullaby With the Brave Cowboy by Jan Thomas

This was a pretty cute book too, and it’s fun to read and have the kids guess what the shadows are. I ended up making up a tune for the lullaby which went over well.

After that, we had a cowboy flannel. I found the idea for this flannel on Making Learning Fun. It even has the pattern and everything.
 photo c5e9015b-2e64-4dee-9399-b4c24397b741.jpg
Cowboy wore a red bandana red bandana, red bandana.
Cowboy wore a red bandana all day long.
(Repeat with other colors.)

Then, we stood so we could sing and act out the “Western Animals Song” that I found on the Perry Public Library website:

(To the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus”)
The coyotes on the prairie go howl, howl, howl
Howl, howl, howl,
Howl, howl, howl.
The coyotes on the prairie go howl, howl, howl.
All day long.

The rattlesnakes on the prairie go rattle, rattle, rattle…
The horses on the prairie go neigh, neigh, neigh…
The cows on the prairie go moo, moo, moo…
The jackrabbits on the prairie go jump, jump, jump…

Then, we sang and acted out “I’m a Little Cowboy” which I also found on the Perry Public Library website:

(To the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”)
I’m a little cowboy,
Here’s my hat.
Here are my spurs,
And here are my chaps.
As soon as I get up,
I work all day.
I get on my horse,
And ride away.

Then we read our last book–Giddy Up, Cowgirl by Jarrett J. Krosoczka

This was an okay book. I liked it because it was one of the few cowgirl books that was short and cute. The kids sometimes didn’t get all the humor, but the teachers and parents liked it.

We did our final fingerplay–“Ten Little Cowboys” which I found on Sunflower Storytime.

Ten little cowboys standing in a row. (Hold up 10 fingers)
When they see a pretty cowgirl, they bow just so. (Bend fingers down)
They ride to the left (Move hands to the left)
And they ride to the right (Move hands to the right)
Then they close their eyes (Close eyes and hands)
And sleep all night (Put cheek on hands)

Then, we sang, “Goodbye, Goodbye” and it was time to go.

For this week’s craft, I just traced the shape of a cowboy boot onto brown, pink, black, and tan construction paper and let the kids go crazy with little sparkles, crayons, some sequins, etc.

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