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Where Will Reading Take You?

For my spring display box, I decided to stray from my usual season themed displays (like my “Leaf through a good book” display from the fall) and do a travel theme. I decided to take it two ways and focus on travel books as well as a fantasy escape. So, I started out with the more involved portion which was making signs for each of the fantasy locations on which I wanted to focus (Hogwarts, Whoville, The Emerald City, Treasure Island, Narnia, Neverland, and Wonderland). I just cut out cardstock, painted them, and cut out the letters and any other additions for each themed sign. I wanted to make sure they were all very different and reflected their respective worlds.

 photo b877d14f-4621-4d95-98ae-60c1a053ef69.jpg
 photo bd255151-e8f3-4f69-9b3a-659463d10ab5.jpg photo eaf05574-c512-4a76-bc8a-ed938361ac50.jpg

Then, I started collecting maps to layer for a backdrop, cutting out my other words for the display, and finding a few accents. This is the finished product.

 photo 20150128_180026.jpg
 photo 20150225_094734.jpg
 photo 20150225_094802.jpg
 photo 20150225_094747.jpg

Since I use the display box to advertise my programs, I added pins to Chicago and Scottland for our two upcoming programs and added an arrow that said something like “Travel to Hogwarts at our Harry Potter party on 2/3 at 3:30” or
 photo 20150225_094704.jpg

In addition, at the bottom, I added a little sign for our weekly story times:
 photo 20150225_094825.jpg

So, where will reading take you? Check out a book, and find out!

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