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Weather Story Time

To begin, we talked a bit about how the weather changes every day. I asked them what the weather was like today because, luckily, it was rainy every day this week, which gave an easy answer. Then, we sang “If You Want to Hear a Story.”

Then, I said I knew a song they all would know about the rain, and we did “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” fingerplay.

Our first book was Hello, Sun by Dayle Ann Dodds

This is a short book that just introduces some of the kinds of weather and how fast they can change. It discusses how to dress for the weather and what fun you can have outside. It’s sweet, and it rhymes, so it went over well.

Then, we sang “Rain is Falling Down” action rhyme from Fingerplays and Action Rhymes.
“Rain is falling down, splash! (clap hands)
Rain is falling down, splash! (clap hands)
Pitter, patter, pitter, patter. (pat hands on thighs)
Rain is falling down, splash! (clap hands)

Sun is peeking out, peek-a-boo! (peek)
Sun is peeking out, peek-a-boo! (peek)
Peeking here, peeking there, (peek around both sides of hands)
Sun is peeking out, peek-a-boo! (peek)”

After that, we read our second book:  Boom, Boom, Boom by Jamie A. Swenson

This is a cute, rhyming, book that talks about how thunderstorms can be scary. All of the boy’s pets eventually get scared and want to sleep in his bed to be safe. Things get a little crazy as you continue to count the animals!

Then, we sang “If All the Raindrops” from Barney like we sang for our Food theme.

Then, we did the “Magical Rainbow Stew” flannel that the youth facilitator before me made and left.
 photo d1729724-537f-473e-ab52-60d036c2b97f.jpg
“Take an apple, put it in a pot.
Stir it, stir it, stir it a lot.
Take it out, and what will it be?
The prettiest red you ever did see!
(Repeat with Orange/orange, Banana/yellow, Pear/green, Blueberries/blue, and Grapes/purple)”
The kids loved this flannel! They kept trying to peek into the bowl to see how I did it. A few of my classes managed to figure it out after I finished because they looked into the bowl while I was giving out stickers, and they kept saying, “Oh, it’s just *pretend* magic!” It was so adorable!

“It’s Raining, It’s Pouring” rhyme from childhood:
“It’s raining, it’s pouring.
The old man is snoring.
He went to bed and bumped his head
And couldn’t get up in the morning.”

Our third book was The Thingamabob by Il Sung Na

This is a silly book about an elephant who doesn’t know what an umbrella is. When he finds one, he asks all his friends and tries out a few things in an attempt to figure out what it is. Eventually, he figures it out when it starts raining. The kids loved it and kept calling out what the “thingamabob” was.

Then, we did the “Rainbow Dancers” Scarf Rhyme that I found at Storytime ABC’s. (Instead of buying scarves, I went to the dollar store and bought cheap spools of ribbon, cut them into equal sections, and passed those out.)
“Rainbow dancers let’s get ready
Hold your scarves nice and steady.
You’ll hear the colors of the rainbow.
Listen for your time to go.

Shake red…
Shake orange…
Shake yellow…
Shake green…
Shake blue…
Shake purple…

Red scarves turn around,
Orange scarves up and down.
Yellow scarves reach up high,
Green scarves fly, fly, fly.
Blue scarves tickle your nose,
Purple scarves touch your toes.

Everybody dance around,
Swirl your scarves up and down.

Shake purple…
Shake blue…
Shake green…
Shake yellow…
Shake orange…
Shake red…

Rainbow dancers dance around,
Scarves swirl up and down.
Our colorful dance is at an end.
Thank you, thank you, all my friends.”
The kids went crazy for this! I’m glad I planned to do it two weeks in a row. (We’ll be doing it again for my last story time next week for our St. Patrick’s Day theme.)

Our last book was Little Cloud by Eric Carle

This was a great last book to wrap up weather and to get the kids involved by calling out the shapes that Little Cloud turns into.

Then, we sang our “Goodbye, Goodbye” song, and that was the end.

This was actually a STEM week for us. For walk-in, we talked about the science behind rain, and we did an experiment to see how it works. We just took some mason jars, filled them with water, squirted a glob of shaving cream on top to be our cloud and put some drops of food coloring on the “cloud” until it got heavy enough to rain in the jar. Then, we talked about the science behind other weather, rainbows, etc. Because of all this, we didn’t do a craft. We didn’t end up having time, but I had prepped a wind detector craft with a hanger, some string, a different kinds of paper (tissue paper for light breezes, printer paper for something a bit stronger, cardstock, and cardboard).

Winter Story Time

As I said last week, I’m still trying to catch up, so here’s my winter story time from December.

We started with our usual opening song: “If You Want to Hear a Story.” Then, I introduced the theme since a lot of the kids might not remember or even know what snow is. We talked a bit about what winter looks like here to get them interested. Then, we read our first book: Winter Is the Warmest Season by Lauren Stringer

This is a really cute book about all the things that are warmer in winter (blankets, clothing, drinks, food, hugs, etc.), and it has some great illustrations that the kids enjoyed.

Then, we sang “Dance Like Snowflakes” from Preschool Education.
(To the tune of “Frere Jacques”)
Dance like snowflakes,
Dance like snowflakes
In the air
In the air.
Whirling, twirling snowflakes
Whirling, twirling snowflakes.
Here and there.
Here and there.

Then, we used a “Mitten Match Flannel” that a former youth facilitator made and left. She originally got the idea from Miss Mary Liberry.
 photo 20141222_104950.jpg

After that, we sang “Who Is Made of Snow?” which is also from Preschool Education.
(To the tune of Do Your Ears Hang Low?”)
Who is made of snow
When the temperature is low?
Who stands outside
When the ground is cold and white?
Who starts to melt
When the warm sunshine is felt?
Who is made of snow?

Of course, the kids loved shouting out the answer to the riddle!

Then, we read our next book: Snowmen At Night by Caralyn Buehner

This is a cute book, but, surprisingly, some of my classes found it a bit scary. So, I ended up cutting it from my younger classes and only using it for my 4 and 5 year olds.

Then, we stood up for our next action rhyme: “Five Little Snowmen Fat.” This is also from Preschool Education.

Five little snowmen fat (cheeks puffed out, arms open wide)
Each with a great big hat (place imaginary hat on head)
Out came the sun (point to the sky)
And m…e…l…t…e…d one! (melt whole body to the floor)
Oh, how sad was that? (wipe away tears)

I cannot stress enough how much the kids loved this action rhyme! They wanted everything to melt after this.

Then, we sang “Dance Around Our Snowman” from Preschool Education.
(Sung to the tune of “Mulberry Bush”)
This is the way we dance around,
Dance around,
Dance around.
This is the way we dance around
Our snowman in the morning.

Other verses:
skip around
twirl around
crawl around
hop around
gallop around
spin around
sneak around

Our last book was Hello, Snow by Hope Vestergaard

This was a pretty cute book, and the kids thought the crash was so silly!

Then, we just had to sing “Frosty the Snowman” before our “Goodbye, Goodbye Song.”

Our craft this week was a snowflake ornament made from popsicle sticks, cotton balls, and, yes, some glitter. You know it’s a special week when the glitter comes out! The kids and parents loved them!
 photo 20141222_105034.jpg

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